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Welcome – About Us!

Welcome – About Us!

Hello, world! We’re Lara and Dan, and welcome to our first blog post ever. We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our new site, tell you a little about ourselves, and set forth our intentions with this blog.

Dan is a thirty something millennial with a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, and an MBA. He has held numerous positions in his career and is currently working for the government as a Process Improvement Engineer; I think we can all agree that the government could use a little more of that! His passions include learning new things, working out, and making his wife happy 🙂

Lara is a forty something year old gen x’er. She has a degree in Environmental Science where she has worked as a chemist and environmental scientist for the past 20 years. Currently, she is monitoring and analyzing air quality data in the northeast. Lara loves her job, but also healthy living, food, and being in nature and bird watching. 

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Lara and Dan met at work in 2012, bonded over a home improvement project, and married in 2016. We own a home in southern New Hampshire  and enjoy all the area has to offer, although Lara thinks the winters here are about six months too long. Some of the things that have made us happy as a couple are staying active, trying new things, and cooking food together.

We have decided in our journey that we do not want to have children, which gives us time for self-development and to explore new hobbies and interests. And since we have entirely too much time on our hands, we are choosing to fill it up with blog posts! We intend to share some of our creativity, thoughts, and ideas that we have with others who are in a similar situation, or anyone who is looking to try new things, have fun and follow along in our adventures.

Fit Fun Foodies is who we are; the name says it all. We will be blogging about what we do to keep active and stay in shape, providing new and healthy paleo-ish, keto style recipes (and maybe a few not so healthy as we all need a good cheat once in a while). And also what we do for fun, though we don’t always think alike on that last one. We are learning as we go along and hope you will be there to join us!

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Explorations in food, fitness and fun

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